Mobdro App Supported Platforms – Latest Version for Mobdro App

The Mobdro App is an app for free streaming of videos for watching live TV shows and movies, online. Watch popular channels, news, latest movies and videos without wasting much buffer time. Experience amazing video quality and live HD streaming of the most popular channels on Mobdro’s Online TV. The official version of the app is available for the Android platform. The APK for Mobdro can be downloaded easily for free, which leads the way for a fantastic video streaming experience.

Latest Version for Mobdro App:


The latest version of the Mobdro app for Android released in 2017, provides various resolution formats for streamed videos in different devices, whether big or small. Mainly designed for the Android platform, the Mobdro app cannot be used on other platforms without downloading a third-party app. The third-part app acts as an Android emulator. For using Mobdro on PC, it is advisable to use BlueStacks Android Emulator. The Mobdro app can be installed for Windows 8/8.1/7/10/XP, using this Freemium emulator.

  • Mobdro for Android

The Freemium version of this video streaming app can be used to live stream programs, movies and TV shows online, at the least possible buffering time. Enjoy wonderful quality of video streams along with great HD videos. Its latest version v2.0.42 which is 25.88MB in size.

  • Mobdro for iOS

The Mobdro app is totally free of cost for devices such as iPhone 6 / 6Plus / 6S / 6S Plus / 5 / Cydia and iPad air / 4 / 2 / Mini and iOS.

  • Mobdro for Kodi

It is interesting to know that Mobdro is available for Kodi window as well. The Modbro Kodi app is widely popular for viewing latest movies, TV shows, games, news and music on a larger screen. The app is updated regularly for bug fixes.

  • Mobdro On Smart TV

Switch to Mobdro app on the smart TV for a quality viewing experience of some of the best videos online. It works for smart TVs such as Panasonic, Sony, LG, Micromax, TCL, Samsung, Sharp and many more and enjoy its scintillating performance on the big screen.

  • Mobdro for Firestick TV

Use Mobdro on Amazon Firestick TV to view more than 250,000 live TV shows and over 4000 channels along with a long list of apps and games. The Amazon FireTV stick gives its users total access to popular subscriptions and free videos.

  • Mobdro Kindle Fire

Watch unlimited free videos, movies, serials and what not with the Mobdro app on the Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fre HDX. This easy to download app streams, numerous channels and opens up a vast variety of videos for its viewers.

  • Mobdro On Chromecast

Set up Mobdro app on Chromecast and mirror your favorite shows from a smartphone screen to a Smart TV. Stream videos from enormous online sources and show them directly on the TV screen. A good internet connection and the Mobdro Premium app are required for this purpose.

  • Mobdro for Sports TV

The Mobdro TV app lets its users live stream sports channels like ESPN, Fox Sport, NBA TV, Eurosport, etc. Watch favorite games, live, on the go.  

Final Words:

Mobdro Apk is used for steaming of all types of videos and audio content, may it be installed on any platform like Android, iOS, PC, Mac, Kodi and what not. This great live streaming app makes watching movies, news channels, TV shows and sports channels more entertaining. This can be done sitting anywhere at any point of time, on a bigger or a smaller screen. Get Mobdro in your pocket and enjoy this marvelous features of this app on your device. Do not miss on any of the latest movies or popular TV show seasons.

Mobdro App Download And Premium Version of Mobdro

Mobdro App Download: Mobdro App is one of the best video streaming apps found on the web. The app offers ts users, a huge number of premium TV channels from around the world in whatsoever language, all for free. The app is equipped with the most sophisticated scanning tools which gather the best quality videos from the web and stream them on the user’s device. With millions of people installing the app, the Mobdro App has become a quick favorite under the entertainment category.

With this app, not only movies can be streamed but, also many favorite TV shows are available. It has become the most amazing mode of entertainment over smart devices, as it searches and fetches all the channels from the web, broadcasting your favorite videos, and not just the videos in particular.

How to Download APK for Mobdro App on Android device?

Mobdro App Download

The Mobdro App is a hot favorite among video streamers all over the world, but sadly, the app cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Hence, it is necessary for the users to know how to install the app on their Android devices. Some simple steps need to be followed.

  1. Launch a web browser, either Chrome, FireFox or Safar from the Android device.
  2. Search for the original Mabdro website and then for the Mobdro .APK file.
  3. Tap the “Download” button, available in red, to initiate downloading.
  4. The latest version of the Mobdro App .APK file will be downloaded on the device within a few seconds.
  5. Now install and run the app with a single click on the .APK file.
  6. This enables trouble-free video streaming on the Android device.

It might be possible that the Android device has some default setting because of which the process of installing Mobdro App may show error. As the Android device, by default, restricts unknown sources to enable downloading any apps on the device, some settings need to be changed.

To activate app downloading from unknown sources, following steps need to be taken:

  1. Go to the option “Settings”.
  2. Tap on “Security” option and click it open.
  3. Turn On the “Allow installation from unknown sources” option.
  4. The Android device can now easily download the Mobdro App.

About The Premium Version Of Mobdro App:

The Mobdro App is a free to use app which lets its users enjoy unlimited streaming of movies, music, sports, news, other videos and what not, through its Freemium version. But, its Premium version is more mind-blowing, as the users are able to use amazing features provided by the app, which are, unfortunately, not available on the Freemium version.

Two of the best features that are presented by the Premium version of the Mobdro App are:

  1. Chromecast Support: This support feature enables the users to mirror the streamed videos on a larger screen, like a TV screen, for a better viewing experience.
  2. Ads-Free: This feature on the Premium version, restricts all the annoying ads which disrupt the continuity of watching a video.

For streaming entertainment content, simply access the Mobdro Apk from an Android device. On the upper left corner is the logo of the app. The “Go Premium” option is available when the logo is tapped. A window for Premium version subscription appears which is a paid version and requires payment through credit / debit card.


The Mobdro App Premium version is a seamlessly easy to install and use the app for Android devices. The developers keep regularly updating the app for any bug fixes and lots of new features in every new version. The Mobdro App provides a complete entertainment package for the users of Android 4.1 and above. Enjoy watching videos, favorite movies, sports, music and much more within a few clicks.

Mobdro App On FireStick – How to Install Mobdro App On FireStick

What is Mobdro App? The use of sophisticated technology has made it easy for people anywhere in the world watch movies and videos they like via many live streaming apps. These apps are available for smartphones such as Android and iOS. One such app in this category is the Mobdro App which was mainly designed for the Android platform. Mobdro app is designed as a powerful streaming tool for streaming hundreds of videos, TV shows, movies and much more all for free. The app shoots up buffering rate to give great quality entertainment to its users.

The app is now popular among PC, Kodi and FireStick device users all around the world owing to some of its premium features like download, bookmark, share, etc.

What is Amazon FireStick?

The FireStick by Amazon is a portable video streaming device which can be plugge into the HDMI port of a TV to convert it into a smart TV. It streams content over a good internet Wi-Fi connection by using apps such as Hotstar, NetFlix, Pandora, HBO and many more. The Mobdro App can also be download on the Amazon FireStick. This device has over 4000 TV channels, live, and upto 250,000 movies and TV episodes to lure its users.

The Mobdro App or its .APK file can be install on Amazon FireStick without connecting it to a PC. The Mobdro App can be install on the FirStick by using an app call the ES File Explorer. This article shows how.

Using ES File Explorer To Install Mobdro App On FireStick:

Mobdro App

Gven here are some very easy steps to follow for downloading Mobdro App on FireStick using the ES File Explorer app.

  • Switch On FireStick.
  • Go to the “Settings” option and click on “System”.
  • Go to “Developer Options”.
  • Turn On, the button for “Apps from unknown sources”.
  • When a warning message pops up regarding the downloading from an unknown source, select “OK”.
  • Select “Home” from the menu and go to “Search” option.
  • Search for the app “ES File Explorer”.
  • On getting the original version for ES File Explorer, install the app by selecting “Get” or “Download”.
  • After the installation is over, run the program.
  • When this is complete, open “Favorite” menu from the drop-down list on the top left corner of the window.
  • Select “Add” after which a new window asks about Path and Name.
  • Enter as Path and Mobdro as Name.
  • Select “Add” to complete the addition of the Mobdro file name.
  • Approach left side menu and search for the file named Mobdro.
  • Find “More” settings option appearing on the right corner of the bottom of the window.
  • “Open in browser” option is select.
  • In the “open with” option, select ES Downloader.
  • After this, Mobdro app can be successfully download on the FireStick.
  • A welcome message pops up when Mobdro is run.
  • On the Mobdro App homepage, there are a lot of options available for streaming movies, TV shows, games, sports, news, music, etc.

In this way, the Mobdro App is installed and used on Amazon FireStick for a smooth and convenient live video streaming experience.

Why should Mobdro App be update on FireStick?

The older version of the Mobdro App should be replace by a newer one as the app starts giving a system date error. The new version comes with many bugs fixed which makes the streaming quality and features of the app all the more, smooth.


Though, the Mobdro Apk was originally designed by its developers to best suit the Android platform, the app can be used for other platforms and devices such as PCs, Apple devices, Kodi and Kindle. But, this can only be achieve by the use of third party apps.

Download TUTU App for Android, iOS & PC – Features of TUTU App

Given a chance, most of us would like to use all the fancy and latest applications that are available around today. But most of these applications that are available on Google Play Store are either available for a subscription or available at a very high cost. Now imagine using these latest applications absolutely free of cost, thanks to TUTU App for PC windows/Mac, it is a possibility today!

Features of TUTU App:

Apart from providing all the paid applications for absolutely no cost at all, TUTU app has several other features that are worth a mention. We will take a closer look at them.

  • Free of cost

TUTU app is completely free to use as well as download and install. All the                     applications that are otherwise available for a payment of subscription on Google           Play Store are available completely free of cost here.

  • Most of the applications are available


Applications that are not available on Google Play Store officially are also available on TUTU app.

  • No need to root

There is no need to root the android device in order to download the TUTU app. This makes it much easier to use the application on PC.

  • Clear junk files

The TUTU app can also be used to clear all the junk files and temporary files from the device.

  • Transfer files

TUTU app can be used to transfer files from a mobile to another mobile or to a PC at a very high speed.

  • Toolbox feature


Apart from all the above features, there is an additional feature of TUTU app called the toolbox. This feature can be used to organize the different files and keep your smart phone well organized.

Steps to Download TUTU App APK for Android, iOS & PC:


  • Step 1

Download the Blue stacks emulator from its official website.

  • Step 2

You can download the apk file of TUTU from one of the sites online that provide a genuine link for the same.

  • Step 3

Once the download is over, the apk file will be available on the default download folder.  Check the folder for the apk file and right click on it. Among the multiple options, you will see ‘open with Blue stacks’; click on that.

  • Step 4

You will notice that the TUTU Apk file will get installed in the Blue stacks emulator. Check for the list of applications there and click on the icon of TUTU Apk.

  • Step 5

The application is now ready to be used on your PC or your laptop. Which means you can now download all the paid applications for absolutely no cost at all.

Now that you are aware of all the features of TUTU app for PC Windows/Mac, you must have realized that one of the greatest advantages of using the app is that one does not require different applications for the purpose of organizing the smart phone or clearing the cache or to transfer the files, just having TUTU app is enough!

Mobdro Not Working on Android TV and Chromecast

Mobdro is one of the most popular and convenient free streaming apps. However millions of people from all across the world have installed Mobdro application in their devices due to its favorable and convenient to use. Mobdro app enables for streaming even Hollywood videos and movies. So due to its popularity of the app among every Smartphone users so sometimes Mobdro uses face silly issues like Mobdro not working etc.

However, Mobdro application has a beautiful user interface that is very simple and easy to use. Mobdro application has both the options of freemium and premium. Through the premium versions of App you can enjoy downloading videos; movies etc. and enjoy it offline anytime without data connections. Freemium versions enable you to enjoy all the entertainments for free. No disturbances with the ads in the premium versions.

How to Solve Mobdro Not Working:

Mobdro Not Working

Mobdro is one of the most popular free streaming application that enables you to watch your favorite movies, videos, daily TV shows and many others including multiples of TV channels. Mobdro was first introduced only for Android devices but due to its popularity Mobdro make it available also for iOS, iPad, and iPhone and even for PC.

I will show you the ways of Mobdro App not working and the reason behind it.

Simple Steps to Fix Mobdro Not Working:

Note:  If you really faced above-mentioned errors, then you can absolutely solve those errors by using below steps. Kindly follow the below-given procedure step by step without skipping.

Check out the Simple steps to fix the problem of Mobdro app not working or the connection errors.

Note:   Sometimes due to millions of users accessing the same app at a time, so might you face silly problems.It’s not a serious issue and can be solved out easily and instantly:  

  • First of all, go to your browser and download the setup of the file of Nox app player.
  • Now you just have to go to the location of downloaded exec file and double click to install.
  • Now simply launched the app player of Nox on your computer.
  • Soon after that go to your browser once again and download the latest versions of Mobdro APK.
  • Simply click on the add APK file to installed it in your devices.
  • Now the APK file of Mobdro app will automatically get installed in your devices so after that simply tab on the home icon of Nox app player.
  • Now when you see the installed app of Mobdro app on your PC then
  • simply click on it.
  • So now you can simply open the app and see whatever you want such as movies, videos, TV shows, games and many others.

Note:   PC users can try solving and fixing Mobdro Not Working problems by following above steps.  Android users try uninstalling and installing once again from the beginning. If you are still facing several other problems after switching off your devices, root your devices, etc. then you can also try out the alternatives app of MOBDRO NOT WORKING.


So, this is all about Mobdro Not Working. Due to its popularity and since the worldwide streaming to the same popular free streaming site of Mobdro so sometimes issues and complications occur. But well that’s not a big issue as you can easily solve Mobdro not working issue by following the above steps.