Mobdro App On FireStick – How to Install Mobdro App On FireStick

What is Mobdro App? The use of sophisticated technology has made it easy for people anywhere in the world watch movies and videos they like via many live streaming apps. These apps are available for smartphones such as Android and iOS. One such app in this category is the Mobdro App which was mainly designed for the Android platform. Mobdro app is designed as a powerful streaming tool for streaming hundreds of videos, TV shows, movies and much more all for free. The app shoots up buffering rate to give great quality entertainment to its users.

The app is now popular among PC, Kodi and FireStick device users all around the world owing to some of its premium features like download, bookmark, share, etc.

What is Amazon FireStick?

The FireStick by Amazon is a portable video streaming device which can be plugge into the HDMI port of a TV to convert it into a smart TV. It streams content over a good internet Wi-Fi connection by using apps such as Hotstar, NetFlix, Pandora, HBO and many more. The Mobdro App can also be download on the Amazon FireStick. This device has over 4000 TV channels, live, and upto 250,000 movies and TV episodes to lure its users.

The Mobdro App or its .APK file can be install on Amazon FireStick without connecting it to a PC. The Mobdro App can be install on the FirStick by using an app call the ES File Explorer. This article shows how.

Using ES File Explorer To Install Mobdro App On FireStick:

Mobdro App

Gven here are some very easy steps to follow for downloading Mobdro App on FireStick using the ES File Explorer app.

  • Switch On FireStick.
  • Go to the “Settings” option and click on “System”.
  • Go to “Developer Options”.
  • Turn On, the button for “Apps from unknown sources”.
  • When a warning message pops up regarding the downloading from an unknown source, select “OK”.
  • Select “Home” from the menu and go to “Search” option.
  • Search for the app “ES File Explorer”.
  • On getting the original version for ES File Explorer, install the app by selecting “Get” or “Download”.
  • After the installation is over, run the program.
  • When this is complete, open “Favorite” menu from the drop-down list on the top left corner of the window.
  • Select “Add” after which a new window asks about Path and Name.
  • Enter as Path and Mobdro as Name.
  • Select “Add” to complete the addition of the Mobdro file name.
  • Approach left side menu and search for the file named Mobdro.
  • Find “More” settings option appearing on the right corner of the bottom of the window.
  • “Open in browser” option is select.
  • In the “open with” option, select ES Downloader.
  • After this, Mobdro app can be successfully download on the FireStick.
  • A welcome message pops up when Mobdro is run.
  • On the Mobdro App homepage, there are a lot of options available for streaming movies, TV shows, games, sports, news, music, etc.

In this way, the Mobdro App is installed and used on Amazon FireStick for a smooth and convenient live video streaming experience.

Why should Mobdro App be update on FireStick?

The older version of the Mobdro App should be replace by a newer one as the app starts giving a system date error. The new version comes with many bugs fixed which makes the streaming quality and features of the app all the more, smooth.


Though, the Mobdro Apk was originally designed by its developers to best suit the Android platform, the app can be used for other platforms and devices such as PCs, Apple devices, Kodi and Kindle. But, this can only be achieve by the use of third party apps.

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