Features of Mobdro App Apk – Download Latest Apk

Everyone loves live streaming and watching their favourite videos and movies online. There are several apps which have been developed for this specific purpose. However, the Mobdro app has gained immense popularity amongst users since it was released. This app is slightly different from other live video streaming apps. This is because instead of choosing specific movies and videos, users can instead log on to channels, and scroll through them, to watch what ever is live streaming on those channels at that point of time. The idea is to develop an app which works a lot like a traditional TV.

There are two versions of this app available for users; the Premium version of the app and the Freemium version of the app.

features of the Freemium version of Mobdro:



  • No login is required to enter into the Mobdro app
    ]Users can download their favourite videos and movies and watch them later offline without using the internet
  • User privacy is maintaine on the app, your information will not be visible or share with anyone
  • The user interface is extremely simple and easy to understand even for first time users
  • Users can use filter streams and bookmark videos and movies as well as channels to watch later
  • Users can also share their favourite videos and movies with their friends and family using social media platforms
  • The Freemium version of the Mobdro app is available for free. Users can enjoy all of its features and benefits for free, however, they will have only limited accessibility to the features of the app.

Users have an option of upgrading to the Premium version of the Mobdro Apk. This version gives users unlimited accessibility to the various features and benefits of the app. However, users need to pay to gain access to the Premium version of the app.

features of the Premium version of Mobdro:

  • Enjoy live streaming your videos and movies without getting interrupted by advertisements and pop ups
  • Download your favourite movies or videos and watch them offline even when you do not have internet access
  • Connect your device with Chromecast
  • Use the sleep timer and set a time where the video or movie will shut off, closing the Mobdro app on its own. This allows you to watch movies and have the luxury of falling asleep without having to worry about wasting your phone battery or your data pack. The timer will allow you to fall asleep which using the Mobdro app without any worries
  • You can download Mobdro for your android devices, tablets, laptops, Windows PC, iPad, iPhones, iOS devices, Kindle, etc.
  • Download any video you wish to with the Premium version of the app
  • Also browse through unlimited music videos, movies, documentaries, sporting events and other channels in this version

The Mobdro app can also be downloaded for your Mobdro for PC. In order to do this, you will have to first download an android emulator, such as BlueStacks. You can then download the Mobdro app APK file and enjoy all the benefits of Mobdro straight on your PC!


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